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Featured Video - Koin 6 News

We recently were featured on Koin Local 6 news! We had the opportunity to meet with news anchor Amy Frazier to discuss how we got a start teaching yoga to kids in the Portland area. The video does a great job describing our mission to inspire kids to move through yoga poses and adventurous stories. We also got to talk about our very important mission to inspire kids, teachers and parents to be 'Boldly Kind' to themselves and one another. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Featured Video from Imagination Yoga

Imagination Yoga

Jamie Hopkins is the instructor in the video and runs Imagination yoga with her sister Jessica McClintic and her brother Jon Hopkins. I shot and edited this video with my friend Jesse Hollis. The music appears with permission from Podington Bear himself.

Imagination Yoga from Todd Quackenbush

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A Yoga Franchise for Kids Stretches Bodies and Minds

Aug 2014: by Tracy Stapp Herold

A group of explorers is sailing down a river when suddenly they plunge over a waterfall and, emerging from the water, find themselves face to face with a family of warthogs. These intrepid adventurers are actually a classroom of preschoolers experiencing Imagination Yoga, a program that uses storytelling to encourage kids to move through a series of yoga positions such as the boat pose (mimicking floating down a river), seated forward bend (going over a waterfall) and cat-cow pose (yes, warthogs.)...More

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Teaching kids about kindness: Portland will be part of Operation Kind Kids

May 2014: by Amy Wang

Kindness has been held up for centuries as a virtue:

"And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." (Epheseians 4:23)

"The highest form of wisdom is kindness." (The Talmud)

"Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it." (The Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam)

And researchers have touted acts of kindness as having the power to make us feel happier, healthier and younger...More

Portland Business Journal - Strategies: Breathe in, breathe out, now franchise

Imagination Yoga’s kids’ curriculum is winning converts nationwide

Jan 2014: by Suzanne Stevens

Starting a business can be as much a mental test as it is a financial challenge. Just paying the bills can be enough to cause sleepless nights, let alone worrying about business development, marketing, IT and the other issues that come with captaining the ship.

Given the high probability for stress, a calm mind is a major asset for any entrepreneur.

Perhaps that’s why siblings Jessica McClintic, and Jamie and Jon Hopkins have been so successful with their company Imagination Yoga, which has a business model built upon notions of calm, kindness and thoughtful intention. The three founded Imagination Yoga... More

Mommy & Me Fitness Classes on Red Tricycle

Red Tricycle is a website with a simple mission: to help parents have more fun with their kids. They recenctly did a write up on Mommy and Me Fitness classes in the Portland area and we were lucky enough to be written up by the Red Tricycle team. So great to be recognized for our kids yoga classes in Portland! Take a look at our write up and the rest of this great website when you get the chance.

In addition to these write-ups our relationship with Microsoft has helped to spread the word about Imagination Yoga all across the country. Check out the links below for additional posts about our company:

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Franchise Business Uses Storytelling to Teach Kids Yoga

Sep 2014: by Annie Pilon at

Jamie Dix has a background as both an early-childhood educator and a yoga instructor. So in 2009, she decided to combine those two passions and create a yoga program for kids that would provide both a physical and mental workout. Imagination Yoga® isn’t your average yoga studio. And the difference goes beyond the fact...More

Imagination Yoga® Launches New Curriculum

May 2014: Curriculum-Based Kids Yoga Proves Successful After First Quarter

Portland, OR -- Imagination Yoga®, the premiere children's yoga program in the Pacific Northwest, launched a quarterly rotating curriculum in association with its already successful yoga program...More

Mommy Diaries: A Day in the Life of Aimee Leach

Mar 2014: by Aimee Leach

4:45AM I hear my husband getting ready to leave for work. Say good-bye. Might as well get up! It’s going to be another busy day...More

Cannon Beach Yoga Festival

Mar 2014: by Kristin Daemon

My personal festival highlight, Imagination Yoga® for Kids by Portland’s fun and enthusiastic sister team, Jamie Hopkins and Jessica McClintic. I came away having rejuvenated my practice and with many things to impart to my own yoga community...More

Imagination Yoga®: 'Teaching kids what it means to calm their bodies'

Feb 2014: by news staff

EUGENE, Ore. -- After taking a deep breath and closing their eyes, the kids in Chelsea Knight’s Imagination Yoga class can magically teleport anywhere. They visit the jungle, venture into outer space, and dive into the depths of the deep blue sea...More

Imagination Yoga® Identified as a Top Innovative Franchiser

Oct 2013: by Entrepreneur Magazine

Portland, OR – Entrepreneur magazine identified Imagination Yoga as one of 15 new innovative businesses that are getting it right. The company compiled a list of 15 new and 15 established franchises that are innovating in new and unexpected ways. And just 4 months ago, Entrepreneur magazine announced Imagination Yoga as one of ten promising new franchise in America...More

Imagination Yoga® Transitions Kids Back-to-School

Aug 2013: Children Learn Regulation Skills and Breathing Techniques to Handle Stress

Portland, OR — It’s back to school for many of the 561,000 Oregon’s public elementary school students. With the excitement of a new year comes the opposite emotion as well including anxiety of the unknown...More

Imagination Yoga® Identified as a Promising New Franchise and a Hot Business Opportunity by Entrepreneur Magazine

Jun 2013: Imagination Yoga Makes Multiple Lists by Entrepreneur Magazine

Portland, OR – Entrepreneur magazine announced Imagination Yoga as a promising new franchise in America. A feature on Entrepreneur's website identifies ten companies, including Imagination Yoga, that have recently expanded into franchising and are poised for success...More

Imagination Yoga® Introduces Special Needs Yoga

Jun 2013: Expansion of curriculum provides yoga for children with special needs

Portland, OR – Imagination Yoga®, the leading children’s yoga program in the Northwest, announced the launch of a dedicated curriculum for children with special needs. After 6 years of catering to children within public and private schools, Imagination Yoga has designed a program finely-tuned for children with physical, cognitive, behavioral / emotional and social communication deficits...More

Imagination Yoga® Fun Yoga Clases for Kids

Jun 2013: by

Founded in 2009, Imagination Yoga is a Portland, Oregon-based family business that offers yoga classes for kids ages 2 to 12. Imagination Yoga is on a mission to inspire real, positive change in children’s lives...More