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Imagination Yoga Online Education

Inspiring Kids to Move

An Introduction to Teaching Kids Yoga, taught by Imagination Yoga in this online video course.

Course Description

Welcome to the wonderful world of kids yoga!

Imagination Yoga is a curriculum-based kids yoga program that captures kids’ attention and inspires mindful movement. Through the use of imaginative storytelling (kids yoga flow) and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, this course will introduce to YOU, the adult, how to teach kids yoga. These easy to learn poses can be used anytime throughout the day; no special equipment or location is required. Imagination Yoga can be used anytime you or the child need a calm break, a positive pick me up or a moment of inspired movement. The poses and techniques you will learn in this course are meant to be used one at a time, or all together in a kids yoga flow that is up to 30 minutes long. It can be offered to a whole group of children or one child at a time, the possibilities are endless!

Who is this class for? Imagination Yoga trainings have been used and implemented by parents, teachers, and yogis, as well as those in the medical and mental health fields. No previous yoga experience is required. Both those new to yoga, as well as professional yoga instructors have all found this program to be accessible and easy to implement.

What is included in this online course?

  • An introduction to kids yoga, why it works and when/how to implement it.
  • Developmentally appropriate and creative yoga poses that will inspire movement, calm, kindness and concentration.
  • Step-by-step video guide that safely and creatively teaches you how to come into and out of the yoga poses.
  • Imagination Yoga classroom footage showing the program in action.
  • Beautifully designed printable yoga pose pages.
  • One Imagination Yoga Adventure (kids yoga flow) both in video format and as a printable yoga poster.
  • Self-care inspiration and guided relaxation (for the adult).
  • Printable PDFs to support your continued Imagination Yoga practice.

By teaching children at a young age to move their bodies and be kind to one another, just one person can positively impact an entire community. Be the change.

"Yoga has a significant positive effect on the academic achievement, general health, personal attributes and relationships of students.” 2007 Purdue University study.


Meet the Instructors

Welcome to Imagination Yoga’s online learning site. We wanted to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves and welcome you to Imagination Yoga. We are Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic: sisters, business partners, and women who are profoundly grateful to get to do this as our job and walk this path together. What an honor it is to have the opportunity to offer Imagination Yoga online as a vehicle to bring kids yoga poses, benefits, and activities to a larger audience… to YOU!

Imagination Yoga Jamie Dix Jessica McClintic

These online trainings are a reflection of years of trial and error to see what works, what doesn’t and what is going to be the most effective and fun way to inspire movement, creativity, calm, concentration and kindness to kids of all ages. As classroom teachers and parents we have not only taught the concepts included in these videos as a part of our own classroom curriculum, but also to our own children at home. So, welcome to this site, welcome to Imagination Yoga, and welcome to the profoundly effective world of kids yoga.

With much love and gratitude,
Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic

Together Jessica and Jamie have created and led countless adult teacher trainings and workshops around the nation, written Imagination Yoga curriculums that are being implemented worldwide, and have worked with tens of thousands of children offering yoga as a way to inspire movement, calm, kindness and of course imagination.

Jamie is an Experienced Adult Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-200) and a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) accredited through the Yoga Alliance. She has a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education and over a decade of experience in the classroom as a teacher. Certified through Portland State University as an Adult Community Trainer.

Jessica McClintic is an Adult Yoga Teacher (RYT200) accredited through the Yoga Alliance. She has a Bachelor degree in Business and Communication and is certified through Portland State University as an Adult Master Trainer with over 15 years of experience in adult education.

Calm Curriculum Online Training

This course outlines the Imagination Yoga 10-week Calm Curriculum. Each video includes techniques, ideas and activities that help Certified Imagination Yoga teachers inspire and explain calm to the children in their yoga classes. Learn more about the Calm Curriculum here.

This content is exclusive for Certified Imagination Yoga Teachers. If you are an Imagination Yoga instructor, contact  to be added to the course.