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Empowering the next generation with mindfulness and bold kindness.

Empowering the next generation with mindfulness and bold kindness. 


Imagination Yoga is a platform that informs, enables, and empowers communities to teach yoga, kindness, and mindfulness to kids.


Kids Yoga & Mindfulness
Teacher Training

Make your difference in the world.
Get Certified to teach kids yoga and mindfulness.


Get certified in a city near you

Imagination Yoga Teacher Training is a 2 day certification course that will equip you with a curriculum and the adaptable tools to teach kids mindfulness and kindness through movement and stories.
Everyone is a teacher. No yoga experience necessary.


March 30-31
Portland, OR

May 18-19
Cincinnati, OH

June 22-23
Austin, TX

July 20-21
Seattle, WA

August 17-18
Chicago, IL

September 21-22
Portland, OR

October 26-27
New York, NY

November 16-17
San Francisco, CA

December 7-8
Los Angeles, CA


“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

-Albert Einstein


IY Membership

We welcome you into a supportive and diverse community, who are changing the world by empowering the next generation.


Online Education


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