Imagination Yoga is a platform that informs enables and empowers people to teach yoga, kindness and mindfulness to kids. We are a community of parents, teachers, yogis, health professionals and child advocates, with a shared goal of inspiring the next generation with mindfulness and bold kindness.

We welcome you into this supportive and diverse community of like-minded people, who are changing the world by empowering the next generation.

Imagination Yoga is a woman owned, sister led team. Siblings, Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic founded Imagination Yoga in 2007. Since then, Jessica and Jamie have created and led countless adult trainings, written multiple Imagination Yoga curriculums being used worldwide and have worked with hundreds of thousands of children offering yoga as a way to inspire movement, calm, kindness and imagination. 


Imagination Yoga Teachers

All listed teachers have completed Imagination Yoga training and meet the current membership requirements.


Jamie Dix

Jessica McClintic

Mary Anghilante

Marianne Brevard

Nellie Bryant

Diane Campbell

Linda Caravia

Courtney Cronk

Meghann Dryer

Marge Gale 

Nila Tiwari Holcombe

Shelby Holmes

Kayla Kardosh

Jamie Kerr

Rachell Keys, PhD

Chelsea Knight

Jan Larrea

Julie Lucas

Jennifer Martindale

Katy McInally

Monica Montiel

Kateel Muhs

Jennifer O'Brien

Shannon O'Brien

Bernie O'Connell

Laura Pettyjohn

Baret G. Pinyoun

Michelle Pliske

Shannon Redcloud

Charlotte Ridinger

Joey Osborne Robinson

Darcy Rose

Antonieta Servin

Harini Sukumaran

Erika Steerman

Alexaraye Vallejo

Tania Wildbill

Carrie Young


Melissa Fox

Melody Hattaway

Sara LaCroix

Erika Levy

Lesley Pace-Slominski

Corenne Stewart

Sally Watkins


Kelsey Martin


Courtney Hicks-Pace


Lisa Fox

K.C. Kless

Sarah Miller

Brenda Raymond-Ball 


Ross Mlinac

Washington DC

Jennifer Moore

International Teachers

Amy Carlson

Crista Lindberg
Amsterdam, Netherlands